Your fun, digital and remote team building experience



​We visualize a world where people:

  • Are engaged to their telecommuting; 

  • Feel connected to their virtual team; 

  • Have confidence in their digital skills and understanding of the latest forms of communication; 

  • Progressively improve their productivity by receiving the right support from their team; 

  • And team leaders continue to develop and grow with their team by understanding the challenges and differences of working remotely.

We work towards bringing innovation and inspiration to make remote working effective and viable to everyone.

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We are a start-up of young creative minds. Games are our key to understand the world and we design and develop game Experiences to bring people together wherever they are. We believe challenges can be an opportunity for growth, and a fun one too. As an international team scattered around the globe we understand the challenges of working remotely.
That is why we create fun Experiences to keep teams connected.
Stay motivated, stay engaged, stay remote.





We want to challenge you
We want to make you grow

But most of all, we want to help you create a great memory with your team


We strengthen the motivation and engagement of your team through new methods of digital delivery.

As long as you have internet you can join our experiences from anywhere in the world.

Game Strategy Plan


Our experiences are challenging and educational,

and each one has a different objective.

Is your team recently formed or experienced?

Are they very tech savvy? Or more into arts?

Experiences can be customized to your team's necessities and work context.


We create interactive team building experiences focused on design to be delivered exclusively online.

Everything at reach by the click of a button.



We love games.

For years we have been active in the Game Design industry innovating and developing

our own team building games.

We introduce elements of gaming in digitally delivered educational experiences.

And yes, all our game experiences have been designed and developed by us.



Team Building Games and Activities

Discover how a game activity can raise your team engagement and improve their soft-skills such as creativity, communication, problem solving and collaboration.

Don’t miss our digital treasure hunt or our digital escape room.

Are you looking for a team activity to share bonding moments together from afar? Try our fun theater class or relaxing yoga session online.

Trying to keep your team's knowledge up to industry's standards? Our webinars on Digital Culture will raise their competencies while working from home.

Discover some of our experiences:


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Escape ZOOM

Our Virtual Escape Room Experience

Become an active member of a memorable experience interacting with your companions, discovering a virtual world in which communication and exploration are essential. Challenge yourself in a contemporary mystery to develop teamwork and problem solving.

👩‍💼: 20 people max

🕛: 90 minutes

💰: €€€