We are a Start-Up of young creative minds

Games are our key to understanding the world and we design and develop game Experiences to bring people together wherever they are.

We believe challenges can be an opportunity for growth, and a fun one too. As an international team scattered around the globe we understand the challenges of working remotely. That's why we create fun Experiences to keep teams connected.



We offer solutions to the challenges of remote working.
We create virtual experiences to help people feel connected to their team.



We aim to bring innovation and inspiration to make remote working effective and viable for everyone.



As with many success stories, VTX began with a challenge.

When Covid-19 hit Europe, many teams found themselves suddenly isolated, working from home.

From an office environment, where people could have a coffee break together and discuss their ideas face to face, people had to switch to emails and video communications platforms.

We also found ourselves working from home. 

That’s when Giulio Mazzone transformed his physical escape room into a virtual experience to have a fun break from work and connect with his team in a different way.

We then realised that playing together had a positive effect on our teamwork.

Together with Daniela Fernandez Wong Kit, they decided to launch VTX to pursue the idea of a virtual space where teams could have fun together while building on their soft skills and strengthening their bond.



At VTX we care about creating a healthy online interaction.
In a time when we spend most of our day online, we want to create a virtual workspace to help people connect.

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It’s what keeps us connected, which is why our Experiences are designed to keep teams engaged.


We understand working from home is very different from working together in the same place.

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Remote working requires a strong trust from top-bottom and bottom-up.


To make our values part of our reality, we rely on:

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We want to offer a healthier model for remote working and we rely on the latest technology to design our online activities.



We introduce elements of gaming in digitally delivered educational experiences.

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Life can be difficult, and we want to create uplifting moments to keep up motivation and increase people’s well-being.



We are an international team that works remotely. We come from and live in different parts of the world and each of us has a different expertise that contributes to making our Experiences unique.

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Giulio Mazzone

Experience Developer

Giulio specialises in gamification. He is one of the brains behind our experiences and creates fun challenges designed to develop soft skills and team bonding. He is a game creator and an experienced team player. He loves Virtual Treasure Hunt so much that he wants to travel back in time to visit Ancient Egypt.

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Daniela Fernandez Wong Kit

Digital Marketing & Branding Manager

Daniela specialises in Digital Marketing and Data Analysis, especially back-end. She takes care of the company branding and design from start to finish. She loves understanding data towards designing an always improved User Experience, which makes her VTX tough critic. She loves Cooking in the Air, because nothing makes her happier than food!

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Marco Emilio Alikarami

Event & Project Manager

Marco has an entrepreneurial mindset and is our game master. He liaises with our clients and manages VTX external communications. He is also an actor and not surprisingly he is the protagonist of all our Experiences! We are also not surprised that his favourite one is Movie Directors For a Day.

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Manuela Di Franco

Communication & Project Manager

Manuela specialises in communication. She is part of the creative team and puts ideas into words, creating content and managing VTX communications. She loves reading books and is a fan of crime fiction, and this is why she likes Murder Mystery the most.

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Kekeli Doe Williams

Graphic Designer

Kekeli is a graphic designer. He’s the one who adds a touch of art to our Experiences and patiently transforms our ideas into pieces of design. He is a curious mind and always beats us at Online Quiz, which together with Guess Who? is the Experience he enjoys the most.

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Naima Vitale

Experience Writer

Naima is a screenwriter. She is the creative mind behind all the narrative aspects of our experiences. She also writes for cinema and television, an expertise that gives our experiences a highly dynamic rhythm. We’re not surprised that she loves Movie Director for a Day.



We are lucky enough to host smart trainees that make our life better. They take on different roles to make it possible for us to deliver the best service to our clients.


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