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We offer solutions to the challenges of remote working. We create virtual experiences to help people feel connected to their team.

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We aim to bring innovation and inspiration to make remote working effective and viable for everyone.


Every team is unique and has different needs. We offer a free demo to try our experiences and choose the right one for your team.

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Escape ZOOM

Our Virtual Escape Room Experiences

Take the first step towards a virtual journey where problem solving and teamwork will be the only chance to unravel the truth.

Become an active member of a memorable experience interacting with your companions, discovering a virtual world in which communication and exploration are essential. Choose between our classic Escape Zoom, our Escape Hollywood or travel to Australia!

Challenge yourself in our Escape Experiences to develop teamwork and problem solving. Check our catalogue to find out more.

👩‍💼: Teams up to 12-15 people; multiplayer option.

🕛: 60-75 minutes

💰: €€€



Our experiences are delivered through the most popular video conferencing platforms.
Are you already using a video conferencing platform? We can use that to run the Experience. You host, we deliver.
Don’t have a video conferencing platform you regularly use? Don’t worry, we will set everything up.