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How did the Internet change the way we learn?

The Internet is probably the invention that changed human history the most. Just looking at how things changed in the last 3 decades, we can perceive how this technological innovation has deeply changed our society, especially for communication and education.

After almost 30 years from its creation, most people have access to the internet. This means that no other generation has ever gotten access to this level of knowledge.

Thanks to the transformation from physical media to digital ones, it is easier to have access to books and resources. In the past, someone who was interested in learning a specific topic needed to go to the library or a bookshop, read one or many books, maybe jump from one book to another. Now you can use any search engine and find way more info and articles and books.

The web is the biggest mass communication tool we have ever created. In the virtual world everyone can build their personal collection of ideas and skills, and it is helpful also because it can be used to create a setting for teachers and students where they can remain connected.

Technology is a valuable tool for educational innovation, as it can be essential for the complexities and heterogeneity of students in schools. The use of web lessons can help to find and enhance the differences that are present in students groups through individual teaching, collaborative ones and improved communication among people.

Every student can have their own educational path and select what to study, and it can be enriched with incredible possibilities. In this manner individual knowledge will be unique, because everyone can have a different experience tailored to themselves and they will build their original paths.

Not only the students and the way they learn are changing, but teachers are evolving as well. They are not anymore propagators of knowledge, but they are becoming designers and guides in the contest of the educational setting. In this way, classical and innovative knowledge can coexist and at the same time school should become a place more focused on learning than teaching.

Both students and teachers should support the change in the educational field and put together technologies and pedagogical skills, in order to create a setting where people can form projects and show the competences acquired through a new and integrated learning process.

The Internet is not only important for the way we study, but it also where the learning happens. Before the web, the only possibility people had was to go to schools, universities or libraries to have access to information. Now all you need is an internet connection in your home, from your mobile phone or public Wi-Fi. This gives you endless possibilities on where to do it, but also when. Thanks to e-learning you can study at every moment of the day instead of some rigid schedule. This provides one last advantage: people of every age can start an online course, even if they work all day.

So, the internet and technology in general have changed our lives and our approach to experiences. Have you ever tried an e-learning course? Did you know that VTX also designs and develops e-learning courses? Check the rest of our website to find out more!

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