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Socialising in the workplace is good for the business

A successful workforce has an essential trait: it has strong social connections among co-workers. Biology has taught us that we are social animals, as from an evolutionary point of view the tribes where people worked together were the ones that had greater chances to face the danger of wildness and survive. Instead, the lone wolves had more difficulties in hunting and gathering food.

This changed our instinctive behavior, being with others of our clan wasn't perceived by our brain like perilous, but gave us a positive response. This is true even today: social connection makes people happier, and this is very important in one of the most social environment of our lives, the workplace. Having a job where social connections are neutered translates into higher motivation and productivity.

In this article of 2018 Forbes lists five reasons social connections enhance work performance, showing how socialising in the workplace can be the key to boost employees’ satisfaction and fulfilment. In their analysis they look at the positive effects of creating a friendly environment for employees.

However, for teams working remotely this can be difficult. This is why at VTX we have created Experiences which are easy to enjoy from the comfort of your home, to help remote teams connect, feel less isolated and let out some steam. Our Services provide a unique bonding experience for every member of your team.

A happy workplace means efficient and productive employees! VTX is committed to help you build a successful workplace. Thanks to our virtual team building activities, teams worldwide have already strengthened their social bonding whilst stimulating important soft skills, such as communication, creativity and problem-solving.

Take a look around our website to learn more!

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