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About Us

Virtual Team Experience is an international start-up of young creative minds who want to bring personality back to the virtual world. We strongly believe that a gamified approach based on human interaction can take professional training and development to the highest level. That’s why we design and develop Team Building Experiences and E-learning courses that are people-centered and focused on keeping participants deeply engaged, remotely.

VTX  Milestones

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VTX Foundation

March, 2020

Officially launched in March 2020, VTX is one of the first companies to offer a wide range of deeply immersive and truly engaging Virtual Team Building Experiences.

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VTX 1° Event

April, 2020

After just 1 month, VTX delivers its first Virtual Team Building Event for the world's largest biotech company. It is a complete success, and many more will follow for other corporate businesses from the Global Fortune 500 list.

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1° E-learning


September, 2020

VTX receives an unexpected request: a major E-learning project to be developed and delivered on a strict time schedule for a

UN Agency. Challenge accepted!

It will be the milestone for the development of our E-learning offer.

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"Save the Planet" 


November, 2020

VTX expands its horizons: an Experience created specifically for the

European Researchers’ Night to train new generations of scientists is launched.

It has reached over 3000 students and has been proposed for 2021 as well.

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1° Event for 2000+ participants

March, 2021

New Year, new challenges: VTX manages to deliver a Virtual Team Building Event for more than 2000 participants playing simultaneously. Client’s feedback is extremely positive, and despite the large audience, human interaction is fully guaranteed!

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VTX new

Service Catalogue

December, 2021

VTX makes a Christmas gift to all its present and future clients: a brand new Service Catalogue is launched! Revamped in both style and content, you'll find plenty of top quality options to make your 2022 Virtual Team Building Events more special than ever!

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VTX Blog

February, 2022

After deeply revamping both its Service Catalogue and Website, VTX launches its own Blog as well! We will post every week enlightening articles related to the most actual social and work-related topics, and how these can be linked to Team Building and E-learning.

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2 years of VTX

March, 2022

In March 2022 VTX blows out 2 candles, celebrating 2 years full of professional achievements, both individual and collective growth and, most importantly, an ever-growing love for who we are and what we do. What will be next? We look forward to discovering it side by side with you!

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