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VTX Methodology

At VTX, games are our key to understand the world, as we strongly believe that a gamified approach based on human interaction can take professional training and development to the highest level.
The VTX Methodology consists of a set of corporate training tools meant to provide a quantifiable report of both your Team and its single members’ performance. Through its unique Experiences, VTX is capable of providing a “snapshot” of your team, suggesting key strengths and focus areas to improve upon.

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VTX Training Offer

We know that challenges, even when fun and lighthearted, can be an opportunity for both personal and professional growth.
That’s why all VTX unique Team Building Experiences have been designed to be accompanied and enriched by our Corporate Training offer, which includes 3 strategic options.


Personal Questionnaire

Whether the team has just been formed or it has been operative for some time, it is always essential to have an overview of the top qualities of each of its members as well as the aspects that could be improved. 
For this purpose, VTX offers an individual analysis of the team members’ main soft skills, providing an overall profile and describing the major strengths and potential areas for improvement with regard to teamwork.

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Team Assessment

If you are looking for a team dynamics analysis tool that is different from the usual stress tests, then VTX has the perfect solution for you!
While the team enjoys our deeply fun, challenging and interactive Experiences, our professional trainers will evaluate the overall team performance according to specific behavioural analysis parameters. 
The final TEAM ASSESSMENT will be an analysis of the team's overall performance, including a team profile and structured feedback.

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Training Session

Want to have a Training Session and a Virtual Team Building Experience during the same event? VTX will happily deliver both!
In combination with our unique Virtual Team Building Experiences, we offer tailor-made training sessions for virtual teams worldwide.
Our Senior certified coaches deliver outstanding training sessions which, combined with our Experiences, will provide your team with a comprehensive training activity.

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More than 80 worldwide companies trusted our services multiple times and never regretted it. Want to join them? Then contact us for more info and start treating you and your team with the Corporate Training solution you deserve

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