Unique Short Icebreakers

Do you want to have a fun and engaging activity but don’t have much time allocated?
Then take a look at our lighthearted and easygoing short Icebreakers. Starting from 15 minutes, our truly original proposals will tackle all your needs and give your team the perfect mix of energy, fun and engagement you were looking for.


Escape Room Challenge

Duration:  From 20 minutes 

Team size:  Up to 400 people

Do you love the “escape room” game dynamics and atmosphere but want to challenge yourselves with a shorter time limit? Then our unique “Escape Room Challenge” is just what you’re looking for: an adrenaline short Icebreaker that will test your “riddle solving” abilities! Will you be the fastest in your team?

VTX - To The Last Quote.jpg

To the Last Quote!

Duration:  From 15 minutes 

Team size:  Up to 20 people

Show all your literary and creative thinking skills by writing the best “never existed” quote ever read! Open up your mind and soul, and let the wisest part of you rise and shine! Through this deeply creative and funny Icebreaker, participants will have the chance to interact with each other in a unique way.

VTX - Paper Castles.jpg

Paper Castles

Duration:  From 20 minutes 

Team size:  Up to 20 people

Working on a difficult project can be really exhausting. But with great interaction and collaboration everything can be achieved: playing this short Icebreaker, the only tools you have will be a paper sheet and your teamwork, team cohesion and communication skills used at their best!

VTX - Guess Who.jpg

Guess Who

Duration:  15 to 30 minutes 

Team size:  Up to 15 people

Is he tall? Does she have blue eyes? Does she have a big smile on her face? Be the protagonists of an unforgettable classic board game turned virtual and use all your intuition and lateral thinking to guess right before your opponent does!

VTX - Elevator Pitch.jpg

Elevator Pitch

Duration:  From 20 minutes 

Team size:  6 to 18 people

A quick and fun Icebreaker that will help your team members to get to know each other better! Would you buy a house that self-produces mosquitoes? Or some milk that will change taste at every sip? Think of the most unbelievable scenario and try to sell it. The craziest it is, the better!

VTX - The Storyteller.jpg

The Storyteller

Duration:  From 30 minutes 

Team size:  Up to 10 people

You and your team are working for an important TV Channel, and you must present the CEO with the production plan for next year's most anticipated TV series. However, just half an hour before the meeting you find out the production plan document has been lost and only a few notes are left! Will you be able to put all the pieces back together in such a short time?

VTX - Online Quiz.jpg

Online Quiz

Duration:  From 30 minutes 

Team size:  Up to 600 people

Do you want to engage all your employees in a truly engaging and positive competition?
Our fully customisable “Online Quiz” allows colleagues to challenge each other in teams or individually by answering questions on a wide range of topics to determine who is the wisest!

VTX - Charade.jpg


Duration:  From 20 minutes 

Team size:  Up to 10 people

Test your creativity, lateral thinking and (silent!) communication skills by playing the VTX ultimate Charade challenge. Miming has never been so much fun and you will prove to be real artists! But keep an eye on time, as you may let your opponent team take all the credits for your outstanding performance…