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Keep your Team engaged, remotely.

Team Building: Video

Virtual and Hybrid

Team Building Experiences




Check out our deeply immersive, creative and engaging “Experiences".



Take a look at our lighthearted and easygoing “Short Icebreakers".

Team Building: Services

VTX Training Offer

Our Team Building Experiences are truly unique, and if you want to give your team a fully comprehensive training event then take a look as well at our Corporate Training offer and start planning with us the best solution to boost the soft skills, efficiency and effectiveness of both your team and its single members

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Team Building: About
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VTX  Bestsellers


Escape Hollywood

Difficulty:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Duration:  60 to 75 minutes

Team size:  5 to 15 people

A virtual journey into Hollywood's world, where participants will have to find the secret script of the most visionary masterpiece Hollywood has ever created!

The Heist

Difficulty:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Duration:  45 to 60 minutes

Team size:  4 to 12 people

A thrilling investigation Experience taking place in Vinci, the town where the great Leonardo Da Vinci was born, in which participants will be detectives for one day and will need to find out who was behind the theft of a very famous painting!


Treasure Hunt

Difficulty:  ⭐⭐⭐

Duration:  40 to 60 minutes

Team size:  up to 16 people

An adventurous journey into the ancient Egypt world, where participants will have to explore its marvels in order to find a key and open the legendary Tutankhamen's lost treasure!

Team Building: Services

How it works

Team Building: Welcome

VTX  Offer

Team Building: Text

Guided Virtual and Hybrid

Designed to energise your team, while boosting their motivation and productivity. Throughout the event, each team will be guided by our expert Facilitators, who will make the Experience a truly unique and immersive time for every participant.

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Team Building: About
Team Building: About
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Customisable Experiences

Every team is unique and has different requests. We are more than happy to customise our Experiences’ features, or even create new tailor-made ones for your Team: we put our long time gamification and soft skills training expertise at your full service!

Free Demo

You can try our Experiences, see what you can expect from us, and pick just the right one for your team. Don’t have enough time or people to join the DEMO? No problem at all! We will do a brief SHOWCASE for you to understand the look and dynamics of the Experiences.

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Team Building: About
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Technical Support

Bringing your team together remotely has never been easier! Before every event, we run a troubleshooting to make sure participants can best enjoy the Experience. Also, we design and develop all our Experiences, so we can provide full and timely support should any issue arise. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Team Building: About

Video Conferencing Platforms

Our Experiences are delivered through all the most popular video conferencing platforms. Are you accustomed to one in particular?
We can use that to run the Experience.
You host, we deliver. You don’t have a video conferencing platform you regularly use?
Don’t worry! We will set everything up.

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Team Building: About
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