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Keep your Learners engaged, remotely.

Using our corporate training and gamification expertise to
develop goal-oriented E-learning courses.

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What we do

From Classroom to E-learning

Convert your classroom material (PPTs, PDFs, notes) into E-learning courses.

Creation of your storyboard

We will sketch the look and feel of the project. We will introduce pedagogical and interactive elements in every slide.

Tailored-made content 

We create engaging, interactive, and customised courses on Articulate Storyline 360 to sastisfy all our client's needs.

SCORM compliant LMS

All our courses content can be used in any SCORM compliant LMS in order to deliver the best course content to your employes in the best LMS for your company.

Available in different languages

We provide both professional voice over artists and computerised voices for audio content and expert translations.

Games to test your knowledge

At the end of the course we will provide you with a unique gamified experience to test your knoweldge.

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How we do it

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VTX provides engaging and most effective contents to put any learner at ease with our mobile learning solution.


Having a long time experience on gamification, our creative team will provide you with an immersive tailored-made E-learning course.

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Corporate Training

Specialized in soft skills training, VTX fully guarantees truly goal-oriented courses to achieve the best outcome.


VTX provides full flexibility to your learners by ensuring professionalism, communication and complete availability to our clients.

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How it works


Planning Phase

Send your written material (PPTs, PDFs, notes).


Storyboard Phase

VTX will sketch the look and feel of the project.


Creation of Voice Overs

Development of the audio content.


Creation of E-learning

On Articulate Storyline 360. VTX will create your virtual course. Soon it will be live!

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Try our interactive DEMO

Click play below to start

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Do you want to start building your perfectly tailor-made E-learning course? Contact us for more information on how to begin our journey together.

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