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Strategy in games and workplaces

Have you ever wondered what do games and work have in common? Apparently nothing, work is something boring you have to do while games are fun and you're generally motivated to play. But one thing is fundamental, whether you work alone or in a group: strategy.

We've all played at least once at a board game, like Clue, Monopoly, Risk or Scrabble. The first rounds are about understanding the dynamics of it, how the rules work, what are the actions you can do, what depends on your decisions and what is actual luck: this is a crucial part on the development of a strategy. The more information you get, especially about things you can't control because they depend on randomness or other players, the more accurate your plan will be. Then the more you advance in the game the more you'll rely on your strategy to reach your goal and win the match.

This can also be applied in the workplace. When you start a new job you start collaborating with new people and with new tools of software. There's an initial formation phase and then you start learning your main tasks, but also little extra things, like which colleague is the best for some info, special shortcuts for the program you're using or best approaches to use with the clients.

Companies have been looking into innovative ways to reduce the time a new employee needs to become proficient in their role, the so called ‘Time to competence’ (TTC). An increasing number of studies show that interactive, engaging and practice-oriented methods are the most effective in reducing the TTC. Games are widely used to increase work performance and motivation. One of the most useful skills learnt through gaming is cognitive flexibility, a skill that increases accuracy, analytical and lateral thinking.

VTX creates games that require strategy to engage teams in a fun way. Our Experiences enhance creativity and stimulate players to approach and solve problems in a unique way and adopt different perspectives. By collaborating to solve problems, the players develop soft skills which are crucial for increasing productivity and efficiency. Players will boost their skills by practicing them, guaranteeing a long-lasting result while having fun with their colleagues!

Start putting into practice an efficient strategy: make your team play strategy games! Find out which Experience best suits your team’s needs. Check the other sections of our website and increase your team's efficiency!

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