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Keep your team engaged, remotely.



We are Experience Developers who want to bring personality to the virtual world. Our main focus is human interaction, which is why we create ‘Experiences’ and not simply activities - because they are people centred.

We rely on virtualisation and gamification to engage teams online in unique games that stimulate creativity and increase collaboration. 

Each Experience is designed to improve specific soft skills and promote team bonding, to ensure our games are not only fun, but also highly formative.

Unlike conventional team building activities, our Experiences were created to be delivered entirely online; making them available to any team, anywhere.



  • Fully guided Virtual Experiences; designed to energise your team, while boosting their motivation and productivity.

  • A FREE demo for you to try the Experience you are interested in.

  • Technical assistance to ensure your Experience runs smoothly.

  • Compatible common video conferencing platforms.

  • Customisable Experiences to your needs.



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Bringing your team together remotely has never been easier;

Our virtual team experiences go beyond physical barriers and give personality back to your remote team.

We offer a fully guided Experience so you don’t have to worry about anything. We discuss our quotes with you to find an experience suitable to any budget. Before every activity, we run a troubleshooting to make sure your team can fully enjoy their game. 

Not sure what Experience to choose? Request a FREE demo, so you can try our games and pick just the right one for your team.

We design and develop all our game experiences, so we can provide a full and timely support should any issue arise.


Every team is unique and has different needs.

We offer a free demo for you to try our experiences and choose the right one for your team.


Escape Zoom

Our Virtual Escape Room Experiences

Take the first step towards a virtual journey where problem solving and teamwork will be the only chance to unravel the truth.

Become an active member of a memorable experience interacting with your companions, discovering a virtual world in which communication and exploration are essential. Choose between our classic Escape Zoom, our Escape Hollywood or travel to Australia!

Challenge yourself in our Escape Experiences to develop teamwork and problem solving. Check our catalogue to find out more.

👩‍💼: Teams up to 12-15 people; multiplayer option.

🕛: 60-75 minutes

💰: €€€

Escape Zoom


Our experiences are delivered through the most popular video conferencing platforms.

Are you already using a video conferencing platform?
We can use that to run the Experience. You host, we deliver.

Don’t have a video conferencing platform you regularly use?

Don’t worry, we will set everything up.